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SO many people ask me, “How do I become successful at Wholesaling?” They tell me they’ve gone to seminars, purchased courses, read books/blogs, listened to Podcasts, etc, but are STILL not able to make money at Wholesaling!

Sure, I can give them the typical “take massive action” answer…but that would only be partly true. I could also talk about being committed to succeeding and going “all in”. We’re definitely getting warmer.

Many people talk about being “committed” to success, but are you committed to failing? 

I’ll never forget when I did my first Wholesale deal. I remember it like it was yesterday. I mean I “knew” Wholesaling was real…but there was still part of me that didn’t 100% believe.

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I saw a lot of people making money Wholesaling houses, but I really didn’t think I could be one of those people.

My brother Todd Toback was already a very successful Wholesaler having built a 7 figure business. You would think by being that close to it, I would have seen the light, right?

I wasn’t ready yet. 

When I got fired from my last job, I had no idea what to do. I’ll never forget that time. It was honestly one of the darkest times of my life. One day I was actually crying on the phone to my brother Todd, and he said, “Tommy, you are going to Wholesale”!

He dragged me into it kicking and screaming, lol! I was petrified! I didn’t know ANYTHING about Wholesaling!

  • What if it didn’t work? (What if it did?)
  • What if I couldn’t find any motivated sellers? (What if I could?)
  • What if I couldn’t find anyone to buy the properties? (What if I did?)
  • What if there was too much competition? (What if there wasn’t?)

All of these questions just kept rattling around in my head!

I remember one day on the phone my brother said, “Tommy, if you don’t get your a$$ out there and meet this seller NOW, I won’t mentor you anymore!”

He was tough! I’m so thankful that he treated me that way because if he didn’t, I would probably still be working some crappy job that I hated.

My first Wholesaling deal was a total nightmare! I made a TON of mistakes and nothing went as planned. I was so frustrated I just wanted to quit!

I thought to myself, “There has to be a better way.”

The truth is, there wasn’t a better way. I needed to go through ALL of that pain in order to have my breakthrough moment. Believe me, that’s exactly what it was! Todd knew this (intimately)…but I had to learn it for myself.

I was being held back by my own fears. Fear of failure. Fear of screwing up. Fear of saying the wrong things. Fear of myself.

I was trying to do everything in my power to “avoid” failure when I should have been doing the exact opposite! Once I finally started to embrace failure (and run TOWARDS it, instead of away from it), everything just exploded!

I am convinced that succeeding in Wholesaling (or anything else for that matter) has LESS to do with information and MORE to do with your unwillingness to fail.

If success only had to do with knowledge, everyone would be rich.

Think about it; there is NO shortage of information out there! In fact most of the time, information is our enemy! They say knowledge is power (and I agree) but knowledge also has the “power” to stop you dead in your tracks!

Bottom line? Commit to failing! 

Remember when you were a kid and would get a shot from the doctor? What was worse, the shot or the time leading UP to the shot?

Get familiar with failure. Take it on a date. Bathe in it if you have to!

Think about failure like ripping off a band-aid. The faster you do it, the quicker you can start to heal. Today, I am committed to failing before I even THINK about taking on a new project!

Success and failure go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. You can’t have one without the other.

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