Here’s what some of our students have to say about our Coaching Program:

The #1 Wholesaling Program in the country just got even better!

Here’s what Joshua Dorkin of Bigger Pockets had to say about lead Mentor Tom Krol: “Tom Krol, a name I will never forget. Talk about energy, it’s amazing, it’s amazing! Next time I want to get motivated, I’m just going to play this show.

Watch Tom’s awesome appearance on Bigger Pockets with Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner.


This is your opportunity to get exactly what you need:

  • To start Wholesaling Real Estate right now!
  • To get off the income and deal roller coaster if you are already wholesaling
  • To put your Wholesaling business on Autopilot so it will not only run but also GROW without you!

Bigger, more frequent checks RIGHT NOW!

In this course, we hold NOTHING BACK, we will hold your hand through the entire process and force you to succeed: Step-by-Step!

We are absolutely committed to your success!

We can proudly say that together, Cody and I have helped more people build profitable Wholesaling businesses than anyone we know of.

Here is what you will get:

9 Weeks of Proven, Small Group, Step-by-Step Instruction (NOT EDUCATION) to start Wholesaling Houses Right Now for Massive profits. Ninja Tricks to find Motivated Sellers that no one else in your market are finding, easy strategies to close deals at a lightening fast pace, a secret source of Cash Buyers that pay top dollar for houses that other wholesalers AREN’T EVEN CALLING!!!

We even put in an Easy-As-Pie Valuation Method that will take you literally 3 minutes to learn so you KNOW what to pay for any house immediately!


An Absolutely Rock Solid Method for automating the entire process to run without your daily involvement! We are not creating a job, we are creating an independent business that serves you, not you serving it!

Stop Learning and Start Earning!


Stop wasting time on Education and start cashing check after check with the RIGHT Instruction!

YOU AND I ONLY HAVE ONE GOAL: Get you to Wholesale 10 house’s as soon as possible using our automated methods – No theory – Just specific action steps – STOP LEARNING AND LET’S START MAKING $$$ RIGHT NOW!

Don’t make it more complicated!

That is the last piece of education you will ever get from us! From here on out it will be strictly Instruction!

Who can do this?

Anyone! As long as you have: Grit, Determination, Perseverance, Persistence and the Right Instruction! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Recently Cody Hofhine sat down with Real Estate investing icon, Joe McCall and gave away pure gold! He shared exactly how he was able to build a 7 Figure Wholesaling Business in less than two years…and as a member of the tribe, you get complete and unbridled access to him!

Check us out online and you will not find a single negative review! Only students crushing their markets…and changing their lives!


After being fired from my 5th sales job (this one was selling lawn care) in the past 10 years, I knew 2 things!

  1. I stunk at sales
  2. I was a horrible employee

That is why (with help from my mentors) I developed a proven technique that does not require a sales background!

I call it the: “Deal Finder not Deal Creator” Method

We have broken it down into the simplest, most actionable, repeatable steps that anyone can follow.

Stop wasting your time trying to learn how to wholesale and start wholesaling!

If you are serious about building a business Wholesaling and are ready to take the next step, follow the instructions below and book a call with us ASAP!

Step 1: Click the button below to schedule an application call:


Step 2: You will be brought to an application form. Fill out the form thoroughly and honestly. The more info you provide us, the better we’ll be able to help you on the call. In order to get the most from the call, it is very important that you answer all questions honestly.

Step 3: Pick a time and date from the calendar that works for you and block out about 35 minutes to have a conversation that could very well change your life!

Step 4: Someone from our team will call you on the date and time you chose, talk to you about your goals, answer any of your Wholesaling questions and if it sounds like a good fit, we may invite you into our tribe.

Please note: Due to the success of our program, we often have a long list of people wanting to get into the tribe. We are VERY selective about who we work with and we do NOT accept everyone who applies. If you do book a call and are not offered an invitation into our program, please don’t take it personally. We’ve worked with enough people to know the difference between the “Winners” and the “Whiners”. You will only get one call so please answer and make it count! 


Important: If you’re stuck in research mode and love spending your heard earned money on more education programs, this probably isn’t for you. This is not an “education” course! Education is a cancer in this business and will NOT make you any money!

This program is a full on “Instruction” course where we lead you by the hand, step by step, to building (or “scaling”) your own Wholesaling business. Think of it as Mr. Miyagi and Daniel San. We tell you what to do and you follow our instructions. Wax on, wax off.

If the idea of being pushed out of your comfort zone scares you, please do not schedule a call with us.

We are specifically looking for massive action takers who are motivated to change their life and are ready to do what’s necessary to make that happen!

If you have to speak to your spouse or business partner in order to make a decision, please have them with you at the time of our call. We offer an absolutely amazing benefit to decisive individuals!